Before & After

Naples Home Staging

Naples Reserve Living Room

We staged this home using the seller’s furniture.  The existing sectional did not fit the living room layout well and blocked the entry to the room.  We took the corner section out to make it into a standard sofa.  We repositioned the seller’s chairs across from the sofa, leaving the entry to the room open so that it looked much larger. We added a coffee table and throw pillows and moved the seller’s artwork around to suit the space better.

Bay Colony Golf Club Dining Room

Buyers felt that this large home would be an enormous project to update. It had faux finish paint or wallpaper in most rooms.  It also had elaborate window treatments dating to the early 2000s when the home was built.  We painted over the faux finish walls with a light cream color, removed the window treatments, and replaced the chandelier.  We used the seller’s dining table, replaced the chairs with updated versions, and substituted a buffet and wall art for the large china cabinet to make the room seem larger.

Marco Island Condominium

We worked mostly with the seller’s furniture in this home. We repositioned the dining table so that we could move the sectional away from the slider to make the living area larger. We replaced the area rug with a larger one to fit the sofa. New dining chairs, wall art, chair, and pillows updated the color scheme. We removed some extra pieces in the dining area for a cleaner look.

Bay Colony Golf Club Living Room

We removed the window treatments, painted over the faux finish walls, sanded and repainted the crackle-finish built-ins, painted the back of the built-in the color of the trim, and replaced the furnishings with updated versions.  While we did not update the kitchen or bathrooms in this home, the updates we did showed buyers how nice the home could be.

Sterling Oaks Living Room

We replaced the dark, heavy furniture with lighter, more contemporary pieces.  We used two sofas instead of one in the room and eliminated the tall piece beyond the sofa so that the room would seat more and seem larger.

Pelican Marsh Kitchen

Buyers objected to this dated kitchen, but the seller did not want to pay for a complete remodel.  So we did a mini-remodel instead.  We painted the existing cabinets white, replaced the granite countertops with a level 1 quartz, replaced the backsplash with low-cost, white glass tiles, and replaced the tile covering the range hood with shiplap.  We also installed luxury vinyl wood-look planks over the Mexican tile throughout the living areas.  The sellers got a new-looking kitchen for half the price and the home sold immediately.

Pelican Marsh Master Bathroom

These photos illustrated the effect painting alone can have in a room. We repainted the faux finish walls off-white, replaced towels, and moved the sellers’ artwork around to get a much newer look.

Imperial Golf Course Living Room

This home was remodeled as part of the staging.  The flooring, paint color, and light fixtures were changed before we added more current furnishings.  In this large room, the original seating arrangement was too wide for comfortable conversation.  We used a chest and mirror on one side rather than a third sofa to make the conversation area more usable and to add interest.

Grey Oaks Family Room

This family room’s furnishings were arranged for comfortable TV viewing, so the entrance to the room was visually blocked by a chair. We moved the chair to open up the entrance, removed several small tables, and replaced the area rug, lamps, and throw pillows to update the feel of the room. The built-in wall unit showcased many beautiful items the owners had purchased while traveling. But the number of pieces made the over-all look of the room too busy. It is difficult for buyers to really “see” a home that is filled with the seller’s furnishings. A more streamlined look allows buyers to focus on the home itself. We also removed draperies on the lanai that were blocking the view of the backyard and adding to the visual clutter when viewed from the family room.

Imperial Golf Course Villa Dinette

Imperial Golf Course Master Bedroom

Timmaron Living Room

Timmaron Dining Room

Greenflower Court Living Room

Greenflower Court Entry

Greenflower Court Office

Livingston Woods Lane Dining Room

Nesting Court Dining Room