Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the least expensive way to update our home before we put it on the market? We cannot spend much on staging.

Knoll Landing dining room staged by Naples Home Staging | Home Staging Services Southwest Florida
A: Replace some light fixtures and lamps.  These do not need to be expensive to give your home a new look.  Start with any chandeliers.  These hang at eye level and get the most attention.  If you don’t know what fixtures need updating or what to choose, call us, we can help.

Another absolutely-free step you can take is to de-clutter your home.  You are going to be moving anyway, so pack up extra clothing and accessories that you won’t miss for a few months.  Do not put the boxes in your closets.  Take them to a storage area or neatly stack them in your garage (which should be nearly empty to start with).  As a rule of thumb, closets should be half empty, have nothing hanging at eye-level in the doorway, and be neatly organized by item and color.