Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most important area of the home to stage?

Entry way and living room staged by Naples Home Staging | Home Staging Services Southwest Florida
A: The most important rooms are the ones buyers will see in their first ten seconds in the home.  That is when they are forming their first impression of the home, including its age and condition.  If that first impression is WOW, they will look favorably on the rest of the home and overlook or minimize its shortcomings.  If that impression is negative, they will look critically at everything.

Keep in mind that there are two first impressions, outside the home and inside.  Outside is usually referred to as curb appeal.  Beautiful, healthy plantings, a clean, attractive walkway, and a welcoming entry all set the stage for a buyer to see your home favorably.  Sellers often overlook the front door and the area surrounding it.  If the finish on the door, the door hardware, and the trim around the door are not in new condition, you have already told buyers that you are not taking care of the home.