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Real Estate Agents

We’re ready to create a home that buyers will fall in love with.
Home Staging is the best way to sell your listings quickly and at prices your sellers will love! Staged homes are easier to sell because they are designed to appeal to a broad range of buyers.  We accentuate a home’s best features and minimize any unappealing ones.  As a result, staged homes photograph better, which leads to more showings.  And showings are more productive because buyers are impressed when they enter a staged home.

Our Process

Our process begins with a visit to the home where we give our honest opinion about what needs to be done.  For vacant homes, we determine which rooms would benefit from staging and which can be skipped.  At a minimum, we stage the first rooms a buyer will see when they enter the home.  That allows us to create a fabulous first impression. In some cases, we may suggest repainting, replacing light fixtures or even doing light remodeling to update the home.  Vacant home visits take less than an hour and the quote is free.
For furnished homes, we spend more time and go room by room making recommendations that are followed up with a written report. We may suggest editing, rearranging or even replacing some of the existing furnishings.  If the home needs freshening or updating, we may suggest repainting, replacing light fixtures or even a mini remodel.  Real estate agents often tell us that sellers listened to us when they ignored the same suggestions coming from the agent.  And some agents prefer that we make the suggestions, so they do not have to.
Vacant home quotes are complimentary. Once a quote has been accepted, the staging is typically accomplished within two weeks.

For furnished homes, once a report is complete, we work with the seller to come up with a plan and timeline that fits their needs. Some sellers want to do some of the preparations themselves.  And a rare seller will take over and do everything on the list. Furnished home consultations cost between $350 and $1,500, depending on the size of the home. Please check out our before and after photos of vacant and furnished homes.  And give us a call—we are always happy to talk about staging!

Builders and Investors

Staging will get you more and better showings
Home staging is the best way to sell your properties quickly and at top dollar.  Staged home are easier to sell.  They photograph better, so you get more showings.  And showings are more productive because buyers can really experience the home.  Studies have shown that buyers spend an average of 6 to 9 minutes in an empty home and 40 minutes in a staged home.

When a home is staged correctly, buyers begin to “mentally move into” the home.  They often take the time to sit down and talk about the home.  None of this happens in an empty home.

We are often asked why buyers cannot figure out how to furnish a home or imagine what it would look like with furniture.  Only about 10 percent of people have the vision to “see” an empty home as it would look furnished.  We show them!

Staging will help buyers remember your home when it comes time to make an offer.
Southwest Florida buyers often spend a weekend look at as many homes as possible and then fly back up North. It can be difficult for buyers to remember them all once they leave town. Furnished homes are more memorable.
The process begins with a visit to the home by our creative director. We evaluate the home to determine which areas would benefit from staging and how we can get the most for your money while working within your budget. There is no cost for a vacant home staging quote. Once a staging has been scheduled, we carefully select furnishings from our inventory and from our suppliers to fit the style and needs of the home. We have the area’s largest selection of furnishings to stage homes of all sizes and in all price ranges, but we purchase some items for every home we stage because the result has to be perfect!
The cost to stage a vacant home is based on the pieces we need to use.  We charge an initial fee upfront that includes move in, setup, move out, and up to three months’ furnishings rental.  Additional months are available at 15% of the initial fee per month.  Past vacant home stagings have ranged in price from $2,500 to $55,000, with the average being around $15,000.
Staging a home takes between two days and three weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the project. We like to see a home a few weeks before it is completed so that we can be prepared to begin the staging as soon as the home is finished.

Homeowners & Family Members

Whether you are still living in the home or have moved on to the next one, we can help your home sell faster and for more money.

We work with many older clients who are downsizing or moving to assisted living facilities. The process of getting a home ready to sell while planning to move to a smaller home can be stressful and challenging, especially when family members live far away.  We help by evaluating the home to determine what steps need to be taken and by managing the process so the homeowners do not become overwhelmed.  We communicate with family members at each step.

Our Step by Step Process

We help sellers determine which furnishings are going to their new home, which need to be distributed to family members, and which are going to be sold or donated. If the sellers plan to use furnishing in their new home that are not helping to sell the current one, we pre-pack them and move them to storage while the home is on the market. This step helps streamline their eventual move to the new home.
Often when sellers have lived in a home for a long time, it needs some updating to sell for the highest price. We can coordinate repainting, replacement of light fixtures or flooring, etc. Sometimes we need to replace dated or worn out furnishings with rental furnishings to achieve a more up-to-date look.
Furnished home consultations cost between $350 and $1,500, depending on the size of the home.


When a loved one has passed away, it can be difficult for families who live far away to prepare their loved one’s homes for sale. We work with families to help them through this process, whether in person or electronically through photographs and FaceTime calls.

Our Step by Step Process

We start with a consultation where we visit the home and make a list of recommendations for steps needed to prepare the home for sale.
Once we determine which furnishings should remain in the home while it is being sold, we can help distribute furnishings that are not going to be used to relatives or charities.  We can coordinate needed updating such as painting, replacement of light fixtures and the like.
Furnished home consultations cost between $350 and $1,500, depending on the size of the home.